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Audio files have been added to many of the pages covering Saraband Music's own early music editions. These have been digitally generated from Sibelius, so tempi may not be exactly performance standard, and ornaments are not available. But they should give you an idea of how a piece might sound, and hopefully help you to buy it! So far 25 editions have audio samples.

There are new items in stock at Saraband. Kids music socks, piano ties and new scarf and pashmina designs are all in stock now, ready for Christmas.

There's a large Bertrand model 7 string bass viol in stock for $5,500. Made by Charlie Ogle in 2007, it includes bow and hard case. 71cm string length, so it's big! It is second hand. Pictures soon.

Two new card designs have been added: the Guidonian Hand is another early music card, while Cat and Mouse has been added to the Kids' cards.

In addition, there's a whole new category of single colour cards, printed on 350gsm heavy gloss stock, with envelope. $5 each or 5 for $20 (inc GST). More of these designs will be added very soon.

One of my suppliers has a new stock of transitional violin and viola bows available with lovely colourful windings. Feedback on these bows has been good. Special order only, but please ask if interested.

New Saraband Music editions are in preparation and will be posted here very soon.

How time flies when you're having fun!

My new website for Concertino is now up, but in its infancy. Concertino is a new publishing venture for string orchestra music, aimed at school and community orchestras.

A new Saraband edition is here:

SM143: Johann Ernst Eberlin - 2 Fugues, arranged for TrTrTB viols. Eberlin was a contemporary and friend of Leopold Mozart. His dates were 1702 - 1765.

New out this month is SM142: Heinrich Isaac - 7 Instrumental pieces arranged for TrTTB viols $25 ($27.50)

Sample pages are now up for all the latest editions. Total now in print is 227 items, including books, Hammer & Tongs and all the Saraband editions.

Also in stock are a new line of scarves. These are long scarves in polyester with musical notation on them. They're a finer fabric than the circular scarves, but a tiny bit less soft. In white, pink and black backgrounds. $12 each or 3 for $30.

And if you need a bag, I have some A4 bags in bright colours with a quaver motif on one side. They're in the same "fabric" as supermarket green bags, but are smaller in size and will take up to A4, or a bunch of small accessories.

For string players, I have some little drawstring bags to put your strings in. These are very cute, and should hold most brands of strings. They have lots of musical notation scattered all over them.

I may not have posted anything here last month, but that doesn't mean I wasn't busy!!!

Out now or coming soon ...

SM136 - Marc'Antonio Ingegneri: Three madrigals, arranged for TrTTBB viols $20 ($22). Score & parts. Ingegneri was Monteverdi's teacher, and he wrote some glorious music.

SM137 - Anon: Divisions for solo bass viol from Bodleian Library manuscripts. 8 sets of bass viol divisions, some possibly by Simpson, Jenkins and other known composers but there's no way of verifying this. $18 ($19.80)

SM138 - Diego Ortiz: Recercadas sobre tenores Italianos, arranged for treble viol and keyboard. Yes, now all in treble clef!!! $15 ($16.50)

SM139 - Marc'Antonio Ingegneri: Two madrigals, arranged for TrTrTTB viols. $14 ($15.40)

SM140 - Marc'Antonio Ingegneri: Mirate occhi miei, a 6 part madrigal arranged for TrTrTTBB viols. $18 ($19.80) A recorder edition also on its way for this item, which will be the same price.

SM141 - Willem de Fesch: 6 Sonatas for 2 flutes. Now available. Also transposed for 2 trebles, 2 tenors, and 2 bass viols. Separate books. $30 ($33) each book. 2 scores in each.

Sample pages and individual entries will be posted online soon. If you have questions, please email.

Some minor amendments to the pdf catalogues have been posted, only affecting viols, recorder consorts, voice and plucked. Just a few new editions listed.

Saraband Music turns 22 this year, and with these new editions, I (with the help of some other noble editors) have published over 220 items.

The 2017 National Easter Viol School brochure is now out. Click here for details.

And SM131, Volume 2 of The Treble Viol Book is now available. This is for more advanced players, and contains exercises and divisions by Christopher Simpson, more Playford dances (some requiring high shifts), and other pieces of a more challenging nature than Vol. 1. All unaccompanied music. It should keep treble viol players right out of mischief for quite a while. $20 ($22)

SM132 is an edition of some keyboard ricercari by Luzzascho Luzzaschi. $20 ($22). TrTBB viols

SM133 is called Playford for Viola or Tenor Viol. Over 30 country dances from The Dancing Master. $18 ($19.80.

SM134 is for bass viol players. Recorder players have borrowed all the viol repertoire, so I thought we should return the favour! Van Eyck: Selections from Der Fluyten-Lusthof, arranged for bass viol. A few easy pieces, but mostly intermediate to advanced. $24 ($26.40) Lots of goodies like Engels Nachtigaelje, Lachrymae, Come again, and plenty more.

SM135 J.S. Bach: Et in Spiritum Sanctum, from the Mass in b minor, has been arranged by English recorder player Nicky Johns. SATB, score & parts $18 ($19.80). A lovely arrangement which will please many.

Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin has just arrived. At present I only have the baroque recipe, and very limited supply. But it has had SUCH good press. $80 ($88 inc GST). One each of baroque violin, viola and cello here. More available by special order.

A new line of music pashminas has just arrived. These have some vague sketchy music staves with cat silhouettes arranged artistically around the place. Same soft, open-weave fabric as the circular scarves (see October news). Six in stock, one in each colour available.

Plenty of baroque cello bows in stock, and a fair number of baroque viola bows, but baroque violin bows are their way here.

I now have in stock Emma Alter's period leather mutes for violin, viola and cello. The modern mutes are also available, but on special order, so give me plenty of time.

A bunch of La Folia strings has arrived. I didn't get all of my order, but at least I have some more stock.

Two new editions are just out.

SM129 - Spanish Renaissance Viol Consorts, for TrTBB or TrBBB (if the 2nd line reads the alto clef part, which is possible). $30 ($33) Lovely music by a variety of Spanish composers - Cabezon, Mudarra, Anon, da Pontac and others.

SM130 - The Treble Viol Book, Vol. 1 Long awaited, easy to intermediate unaccompanied pieces, dances and folk songs for treble viol. Music by Tobias Hume, Diego Ortiz and traditional Irish, Scottish and English songs and dance tunes, plus excerpts from John Playford's The Dancing Master. $20 ($22)

Plenty of circular music scarves are in stock. Great Christmas presents. $12 each or three for $30. You can knot it artistically, or double it, or undo the seam and have a long scarf. Up to you!

One Charlie Ogle treble viol has just arrived. These are well-crafted instruments from his Beijing workshop. Canvas bag with heavy padding for protection.

A new edition is here! SM127 is 9 Trios for Tenor Viols. $30 ($33). Contains music by Lupo, Hingeston, Weelkes, Willaert and some easy pieces from T'Uitnement Kabinet. Score and parts are available now. Please email Patrice for more details.


SM128 is finished. This is a collection of easy to intermediate viola trios, and while there is a little overlap with the tenor viol book above, much of it is different. Composers include Michael East, Weelkes, Willaert and more from T'Uitnement Kabinet. Score and parts are available now. $30 ($33)