Silk and Sari bags for Violins, Violas and Treble viols

Saraband Music is making protective silk bags for your stringed instrument (modern or baroque). There are several varieties available. Silk or other very tightly woven fabrics are ideal for protecting your violin against changes in humidity, as well as forming a very lightweight protection in your violin case if anything comes loose while travelling. It is less likely to be scratched. All bags come with a drawstring ribbon in one of a variety of colours.

Packaging is minimal and real cellophane bags have been sourced. Most bags sold as cellophane are actually petro-chemical based and not recyclable.

Prices include Australian GST but not postage. The bags are light-weight.

Varieties available now are:
White silk bags. Habotai silk with a coloured ribbon. $75

Sari silk bags. Some of these are pure silk, and some may be synthetic silk. They come in fantastic colours and designs. Each bag is unique as the design changes across the sari. All have a very tight weave.
Violin or viola: $75. Treble viol $80.
Viola bags cater for a 16" instrument.

Three quarter size violins are also catered for. Other sizes by special order.

Coming soon:
Natural silk (undyed) bags which are perfect for anyone with allergies. White ribbon.

A selection of bags is always available. If you wish to have a custom bag made for you, please allow at least a week as bags are made in-house when time allows.