Baroque Bows

Saraband Music stocks a number of well-crafted, affordable baroque bows from China and other places for violin, viola, cello, and treble, tenor and bass viols. Transitional bows for the violin family and double bass bows are also available on special order.

From 1 January 2023 the price for basic baroque and transitional bows is rising to $225. But old stock will be sold at the lower marked price, usually around $200.

Bows constantly come and go every week. Those pictured have probably been sold. Typical of stock are:

Top: A violin and a viola bow, round sticks

Middle: Violin bow, hexagonal stick

Bottom: Three cello bows, round sticks


Unfortunately my source for cheap but effective transitional bows seems to have left the face of the earth. All have now been sold. You can choose a Classical bow from Louis Begin. Fabulous but rather more expensive.

Please enquire about what is in stock now. Photos can be sent to buyers.