Baroque Bows

Saraband Music stocks a number of well-crafted, affordable baroque bows from China and other places for violin, viola, cello, and treble, tenor and bass viols. Transitional bows for the violin family and double bass bows are also available on special order.

Bows constantly come and go every week. Typical of stock are:

Baroque cello bow, approx. 72g, figured snakewood, round stick.

These dagger models are proving popular. $250 and available in weights from 55 - 62g. Heavier models coming.


Transitional bows for violin, viola and cello. These are available on special order from Saraband Music. Few are kept in stock. Please allow 1-2 months for delivery from overseas. These are made from IPE wood.


Please enquire about what is in stock now. Photos can be sent to buyers.




More bows in stock. Photos and details to come. Prices start at around A$180