About Saraband Music

Saraband Music is located in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Saraband Music began in Sydney in December 1994, selling sheet music, facsimiles and strings. It has since grown to include many other musical accessories (cards, bowcases, rosins and much more) some of which are manufactured in-house. Bows and stringed instruments are also now available.

Publishing began in 1996 under the Saraband imprint, and later a second range of 19th / early 20th century budget facsimiles under the Hammer & Tongs Reproductions label. The business moved to Queensland at the end of 2006. A further publishing label - Concertino - began in 2016, with music for school and community string orchestras, some composed or arranged by Patrice, but also other Australian composers are represented.

Saraband Music has undergone many metamorphoses since 1994, and I hope you will find much to entertain or tempt you on this website.


Saraband Music is owned by Patrice Connelly,who is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland where she also teaches in the School of Music. Her previous degrees in music were from the University of Sydney, and she also has a Bachelor of Natural Therapies from Southern Cross University and a shedload of diplomas and certificates in natural therapies from Nature Care College and other institutions.

She plays and teaches viola da gamba, and has edited music for viols published by Dovehouse Editions (Canada), PRB Productions (California) and the Viola da Gamba Society of Great Britain, and written articles and reviews for a number of journals. She also founded the Australian Viola da Gamba Society in 2000, serving as its first President for 5 years. Ten National Easter Viol Schools between 1987 and 2013 were masterminded by Patrice. She wasPresident of the Early Music Society of Queensland Inc. from 2018 - 2023.

She has twice (2009 & 2017) been a winner of the Leo Traynor Prize for composing new music for viols, which is run by the Viola da Gamba Society of America.

She's had several peer-reviewed papers published in the Journal of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and writes for other organisations as well. She is currently the early music reviewer for Stringendo magazine.

Patrice is also a keen amateur genealogist, with roots in Ireland, England, Scotland and a few offshoots in Jersey and Germany. In 2024 she's completing a Certificate in Family History with the Society of Australian Genealogists. For more information, go to Saraband Genes.