Music lessons

Patrice teaches piano, viola da gamba, music theory and music history. She has an M.Mus (hons) degree from the University of Sydney, undertaken some Dalcroze training, and is a professional member of ASME and AUSTA. She has studied in the US and Europe with eminent teachers on viola da gamba, and performed in concerts around Australia.

General info for all lessons:

New: Coronavirus Skype lessons available from April 2020. Please email patrice @ to set up a time. Skype is on a separate machine so you need to make arrangements first and get her Skype name.

Location: Private studio in Bridgeman Downs, near Aspley, Chermside, McDowall, Carseldine and Brendale. These are all Brisbane northside suburbs, about 12Km north of Brisbane CBD.
Also group/weekend workshops or lectures elsewhere by arrangement.

Please call for the current price. Missed lessons without notice will be charged at full fee. Please always give as much notice as possible so other students can be accommodated in that time.

Student benefits: 10% discount for all current students on music, strings and other items from Saraband Music

Sorry, no other instruments are taught at Saraband Music. Patrice only teaches what she is qualified to teach.

Genuine enquiries are very welcome. Please call (07) 3129 0537 to discuss your or your child's needs.

Free e-book (12 pages, pdf) entitled Choosing a Music Teacher for your Child. Free to download, but copyright material. Please do not pinch this and post on other websites. All rights reserved.

Ages: From approx. age 5 or 6 or when keen interest is shown, up to as old as you like!

Exams: Preferably not. Patrice uses the AMEB exam syllabus as a starting point to teach music, not to teach exam. The matter can be discussed if absolutely necessary. The AMEB syllabus is not a course, but an exam syllabus which is often misused. Patrice will teach a much wider variety of musical skills and repertoire than the syllabus recommends.

Instruments: Patrice prefers that all students have daily access to a full-sized, weighted keyboard. Learning piano on a tiny (toy) keyboard is like trying to learn golf with a broom handle! Saraband Music can buy quality Ashton electric pianos for students at a discount, generally for under $1000.

Patrice recommends that all beginner musicians start with piano and theory, as it gives a fantastic grounding in basic music skills which can then be transferred to other instruments. A year of piano and basic theory will provide underpinning skills which will be invaluable when playing other instruments.

Patrice has taught gamba since the 80s, and has performed and taught across Australia. She specialises in giving beginners a firm technical grounding, and did her M.Mus (hons) thesis on this subject.

This 6 stringed instrument comes in treble, tenor and bass sizes, has frets, and is bowed underhand. It's related to the guitar family, not the violin family. It has a huge repertoire, and is easier to learn than the violin family. Instruments are available for sale and hire through Saraband Music.

Theory can be taught separately, but is always best combined with practical music-making and theory and practice support each other. All students will be introduced to theory which will be incorporated into the lessons as soon as is practicable. Music history is also available on request.

Instead of sending students for public theory exams which are costly, once a student is prepared, Patrice will set an old theory paper during a lesson time, and will mark it straight away. This provides a better learning experience, because by the time the teacher receives public exam results, the student has usually forgotten what they did.

Music history can be included in all lessons as required and relevant.