Hammer & Tongs

Piano solos and duets 

Hammer & Tongs Reproductions is an imprint from Saraband Music, making available works from the very extensive music collection of the late H.T. Connelly, which he assembled in the 1940s and 50s. This music is now out of copyright, and the best of the collection of piano solos, duets and vocal music will gradually be made available in facsimile, in affordable editions.

Some of the music is marked and foxed, and this will be reflected in the final product. Occasionally computer technology will be used to clean up the facsimile, however, this can often be overdone. The aim is to create a playable facsimile without losing any vital information, and for this reason, less cleaning that usual may be the result.

A short note about the composer or arranger will be included wherever possible, though details of a few of the composers have been lost in the mists of time. These notes are written and researched by Patrice Connelly.

Click here to download a complete printable list in PDF format, 2 pages, landscape.