Baroque Violin Tailpieces & Tailgut

Due to popular demand, Saraband Music has sourced some simple baroque violin tailpieces for people who want to use a modern violin for baroque use. We are still looking for similar tailpieces for violas and cellos.

Current price: $25 plus post (includes GST)

These tailpieces are light in colour and weight. Holes may need to be enlarged, which only takes a few seconds with a drill. The great advantage of having one of these tailpieces is that the huge holes with sharp edges on modern tailpieces which take fine tuners are just not suitable for gut strings. It's important that there are no sharp edges anywhere on the instrument along the length of the string, and these little tailpieces can be smoothed easily and the right size hole created.

For someone wanting to have a go at baroque violin, but not have to order one especially, a set of gut strings, a cheap baroque bow, and a baroque tailpiece will make up a handy kit which won't break the bank.


Tailgut is also in stock from Kurschner and Aquila. Sizes in stock are suitable for violin and viola. Thicker tailgut for cellos or larger instruments can be ordered. Please ask for more details and prices.