Viol Consorts a3

Here are all of the 3 part consorts for different combinations of viols.

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Two pleasant madrigalesque fantasies from the 17th century, originally found in British Library mss. Intermediate level consorts for TrTrT viols. Good fun. 3 scores.




This great three part piece is presented here in the ultimate flexible edition. The original TrTB scoring, plus an alternative part so you can play TTB, and a transposition allowing 3 bass viols to play it. Score and parts, plus critical commentary.




This collection of ten pieces for treble, tenor and bass viols includes two dances by Susato, three country dances from Playford, a wonderful Lupo fantasy and the well-known carol In Dulci Jubilo.
The presentation is three scores.




These two contrapuntal works seem to fit viols like a glove. Jesus Christus unser Heiland and Danket dem Herrn are both in g. The first is a short piece with the cantus firmus in the treble line. The second is longer, and the cantus firmus is heard in turn in all three lines. These would suit upper intermediate to advanced players, and would be good concert pieces. Score and parts. Tenor viol part in alto clef, plus alternative part in octave treble.




Not strictly viol consort, but of interest here as 3 bass viols can play it!

From Rosenmuller's 1682 set of 12 sonatas, this lovely work was originally written for two violins & continuo, but it works really well for 3 bass viols, or for 2 bass viols with continuo instruments of your choice. Score and parts, including figures in the score and bass part. The two solo lines were simply taken down an octave, and are in alto clef. An interesting work for professional performance.




Blanks must have been influenced by Morley. These 6 fantasias have a Morley-esque charm to them. Nos 2-6 were originally for TrTrT, but the first was TrTB. Here it has been transposed so that the whole set can be played by the one group. Score & parts.

Audio sample is Fantasia 2




This is a great piece, but is usually set in F major and too high to be comfortably played on viols. Now in D major, it lies happily under the hand. Score & parts.





The Easy Consort series have been very useful to many teachers and this is the first of the intermediate series which will give progressing students some useful and enjoyable repertoire. Dances and polyphonic pieces included. Score & parts. Audio is the Benedictus by Heinrich Isaac.





This is the first volume in a series for lower viols. It contains songs and instrumental pieces by Ghiselin, Morley, Compere, Isaac, Campian and many other composers. Texts provided where they exist. Score and parts. The piece should be quite sprightly, but the audio is a bit slow.





Volume two of the series contains seven fantasias by Giovanni Bassano, Eustache du Caurroy, Thomas Lupo and John Bull. Lovely music. Score and parts.




We shift to TTB in the third volume of the series. Nine fantasies by Giovanni Bassano, William Byrd, Edward Blankes, Thomas Lupo, Eustache du Caurroy and John Okeover. Score and parts.




Tenor viols can now rejoice in some choice trios by Thomas Lupo, Eustache du Caurroy, Jacques Foucart, Thomas Weelkes, Adrian Willaert and John Hingeston. Three items have a vocal origin, and texts are included to allow performance with singers. Score and parts. Audio is the Lupo Fantasia a3 bassi.




This piece by Isabella Leonarda, one of the most prolific female composers of the early Italian baroque, was originally for two violins and continuo. The piece also works very well on three bass viols. Score & parts.





There are lots of really great dances in Bach's keyboard works, and a number of them fall nicely into three parts. Here are nine Menuets, Sarabandes, Gavottes and other dances arranged for treble, tenor and bass viols. Only a couple needed transposition to better fit the viols' range. Ornaments included! Score & parts. Audio is the Gavotte en Musette.




This Sonata, written for three violins in F, makes a lovely multi-movement work for three bass viols. Suitable for performance or workshops at an advanced level, this Sonata which is now in D major, sits well on bass viol. Score and parts.




Here are 16 of the original 25 pieces, roughly graded and ripe for intermediate consorts and teachers. They'll be very useful at workshops, as some pieces have one part that's a bit easier than others. The 3 parts are the Treble and Bass Viols, with the recorder part in the middle for Tenor Viol. Lots of the music was by Dowland, and arranged by Morley, and some of the pieces are very well known, such as the Lachrimae pavan, and Can she excuse my wrongs among others. Score and parts.





Thirteen pleasing pieces by Morley, Wilbye, Holborne, Anon, Tomkins, Daman, Drew and Youll for treble, tenor and bass viols. Ranging from easy to intermediate level. Score and parts.