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Instruments in stock at Saraband Music

Viols, Violins and Lutes

There are currently five instruments in stock at Saraband Music. Photos available on request. These are all new instruments which need playing in. All prices in Australian dollars and include GST. So I have baroque violins for sale, a baroque viola for sale. A treble viol for sale, and a tenor viol for sale.

1. Baroque violin (Chinese) in oblong case. $1750. Basic bow extra $200. See top 3 photos.

2. Treble viol (Chinese). Good quality new student instrument with decorated back. Comes in padded bag. Comes with basic bow. See photos 4-5. $2700.

3. Tenor Viol from Lu Mi. Fabulous tone. Hard case (dark red). $5,500 without bow. You can add a basic bow or a Louis bow to this (extra cost), and I'd suggest the latter as this is a very good instrument. Photo 6.

4. Baroque viola (Chinese) in case. $2000. Basic bow $200 extra. Very good tone. See photos 7-9.

5. Baroque violin (Chinese) with oblong case and decorated fingerboard and tailpiece. Very good instrument. $2200. Bow extra. Photos to come.

6. Coming soon (currently being revarnished and re-set up). Dolmetsch treble viol, 1950. Very fine belly timber. Hard case. This viol has great potential.

If photos are not here, please ask.