Metronomes & Tuners

Metronomes & Tuners available at Saraband Music

A variety of metronomes and tuners are available from Wittner, Linley and Intelli on special order only. Please enquire. Prices subject to change at any time.

Prices on this page include GST and may vary at any time. Call/email for the latest pricing, and for ex-GST prices. Prices on this page are pre-Covid and will have certainly gone up as of 2024.

Wittner metronome: wooden, several models $270.00 - $329
Wittner metronome: plastic with bell, various models $98 - $128
Wittner animal shaped metronomes: $174 Various, including cat, owl, penguin
Wittner "Piccolino" metronome: $89
Intelli digital metronome with sound (IMT020): $30
Intelli micro metro-tuner (IMT202): $40
Intelli digital dual-pitch metro-tuner (IMT300): $90

J&H MetroTuner Chromatic & Light (JH30): $25
J&H MetroTuner 3 tone 88 notes (3000C): $25
J&H Quartz Metronome with speaker in black (JM90) $40

Centerpitch CP10 Intonation tool $30 (attaches to the instrument)

Simple pitchpipes for violin or guitar, or chromatic pitchpipes also available.