Bow cases

Saraband Music has produced strong, secure bow case tubes for travel and storage. There are two sizes. How many will fit into each case depends on what sizes of bows you're putting in. The smaller diameter will take two violin or viola bows, or one cello bow comfortably. The larger can usually take two violin and two cello bows. There is padding at each end.

Each case comes with a travel strap which can be detached if you don't need it. When travelling the strap will allow you to have your hands free for luggage, or you could loop it around other luggage and through the case handle for security. Just unhook one of the ends and feed it through the handle, and shorten the strap. If you're checking baggage such as a cello or bass viol, you could do this, then use tape or cling wrap to secure it to the instrument.

You can also mail bows securely in this case. Just cover in a couple of layers of bubble wrap to protect it and tape the lid down. Length is approx. 78cm. which will fit most bows. Custom lengths may be possible on request at extra cost.

Make sure you use a marker pen or an adhesive label to put your name and address on the case.

Prices inc GST: Smaller case: $24  Larger case $28