Aquila Strings


Saraband Music imports strings from Aquila corde Armoniche in Italy. Please email or call to find out what is currently in stock.

Saraband Music can order any strings from Aquila (except those with exclusive licensing) even if not listed here, but please allow time for ordering and delivery. Many strings are hand-made and their factory is busy. As more people take up early instruments, there are shortages of raw material which can create delays.

2021 update: The new Aquila Red Series strings for bowed instruments are in stock. Please ask.

HV: varnished gut strings
demi-rectified gut strings (oiled, not varnished) - phasing out 2019
V type: Venice roped gut strings (catlines)
F: sterling silver wound strings for bowed instruments
FD: open wound/half wound/demi-filee strings for violin d3, pardessus C and bass viol C strings only.

FG: Red series strings for bowed instruments.
C: new Classical guitar bionylon strings. Note: the older C type loaded gut bass strings for bowed and plucked instruments are not currently available.
CD: Loaded gut synthetic bass strings, suitable for bottom register of plucked string instruments. The "loading" is metalic copper powder on a base.
NNG: nylgut, a nylon string which gives a similar result and appearance to gut, for use on plucked instruments
NNGE: long, thick nylgut strings, 200cm lengths
NGH: nylgut strings for historical harps (mostly special order)
D: copper wound on gut, for plucked stringed instruments
L: fret gut
LS: synthetic fret gut


Baroque Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass
Viola da gamba - all sizes
Lutes, theorboes, baroque guitars, historical guitars
Historical harps
Modern guitars
Hurdy gurdy
Folk instruments: oud, charango, cuatro, timple canario, ukeleles and their variants, minstrel banjo and others.

Please ask for a quote.

Please use the following as a guide only. It is not complete. Please ask for more info.

New Nylgut strings: (NNG) suitable for lutes, theorboes, early guitars. Gauges: NG38 - NG104. Length: 120cm

Please note that nylgut strings are delicate, particularly the thinner diameters, and care is needed in putting them on the instrument.


Thick new nylgut strings (NNGE) are 200cm long, and are suitable for theorboes, harps and other plucked instruments requiring thick, long strings.

NGE string gauges range from NGE62 - NGE1.45.


Plain gut strings (HV & HR) are in stock . 120cm and 180cm lengths. Please note that Aquila is phasing out HR strings from 2019. 180cm lengths are double length for tenor viol or viola.


Overwound strings for bowed instruments: (F) are available for treble, tenor and bass viol, violin, viola and cello. Other strings can be ordered especially, but please give plenty of notice, as it is not quick. These are sterling silver on gut.


Guitar sets: Alabastro, Ambra 800 and 900, Perla and Terzina sets are all available


Wound nylgut strings: (D) (copper wound on nylgut), length 105cm. Longer strings available on special order. Number is same as gut equivalent string, ie. D100 = 1.00mm gut

D100 - D240


Synthetic copper loaded strings: (CD) These are loaded with copper on a nylgut base and are suitable for bass strings on plucked instruments.


NGH strings for historical harps. Special order only.
Please refer to the Aquila website for diameters then contact Saraband for a quote. Do allow time for manufacture and delivery. Also please specify which strings should be red or black, otherwise all natural colours will be ordered. Plain colour nylgut gauges from .l40 to .66 are kept in stock at Saraband.