Saraband's Student Resources Page

This page will lead you to some articles and lists pertaining to Classical music which may be useful to students. Material here may be used for study purposes, but may not be used on other websites or reproduced without permission. Pages by Patrice Connelly unless otherwise indicated. Suitable contributions may be submitted for this page. These pages are copyright.


Early music - and why we need it (first published April 2019 in Stringendo magazine)

Reading from Figured bass by Clifford Bartlett

Dates of the main early music composers (Mediaeval to late Baroque)

Care of bowed string instruments Some handy hints!

Tobias Hume and his Humors A short essay

Thomas Baltzar – the 17th century “Liberace” of the violin A short essay

What makes a good edition?

Playing Vihuela according to Juan Bermudo by Prof. John Griffiths

Marais and the Violin