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Two more Saraband editions newly produced:

SM220 - Michel Lambert: Admirons notre jeune et charmante déese. For 3 sopranos (or 2 sopranos and alto) with basso continuo. Produced as 4 scores and a bass part for cello or gamba. A$18 ($19.80 inc GST). Lovely music that should be heard. For a sample page, click on the title. The figured bass is not realised.

SM221 - Thomas Morley: Three Four-part pieces from A Plaine and Easie Introduction to Practicall Musicke, arranged for TrTrTT viols. This is an unusual combination and should be popular at workshops. A$22 ($24.20 inc GST). Score and part. Two Italian madrigals and one Latin motet. Click on the title and scroll to the bottom of the page.

A new Chinese baroque viola is on the instruments for sale page. It has good potential. $2000 for instrument and case. Bow extra.

An excellent Chinese baroque violin is being set up and will be available very soon. $2200 for violin and case. Bow of your choice extra.

Why do I sell bows separately from the instrument? Because many people already own a baroque bow but either haven't got an instrument or they've borrowed one. This way players can get the bow and case, or add a bow of their choice rather than have a set package. I like this flexibility and so do customers.

Newly published:

SM218 - Jean Baptiste Lully: Instrumental Music from Phaeton. For 2 violins, 2 violas & cello. This is a substantial publication with 16 pieces. Score and parts. A$50 ($55 inc GST). The fabulous chaconne from Act 2 is in here. There's no keyboard part, but I have included figures as they were in the 2nd edition. This is mostly based on the 1683 first edition.


SM219 - William White: Fantasy a5 in D "for 2 basses" and Two Pavans a6 viols. TrTrTBB/TrTrTTBB. This was one of my editions originally published by PRB Productions in 1992. As they have now closed, I have re-published it to keep this music available. The edition is re-typeset, but is the same minus the critical commentary. If anyone requires this I can supply it from the original ed.

You'll find more free downloads for viol, courtesy of the generosity of Alasdair McAndrew in Melbourne. He has arranged items for solo bass viol, but there's also a duet for 2 basses and some Hume for lyra viol.


A glorious Lu Mi tenor viol in a hard case has come into stock. Photos available soon. Gorgeous tone, and professional quality. Case is a deep red.

The Viol Consorts page had nearly 100 items on it, so I have now split that up into four pages: 3 parts, 4-5 parts, 6 parts and 7-8 parts. If you have bookmarked the original page, you may need to change it. Links on this page have been updated.

SM217 - Andrea Gabrieli: Dunque sia vero & Dunque il consenti. 2 Concerti a7 viols, TrTrTTBBB. A$22 ($22.40 inc GST) Two gorgeous pieces ready to play now.

The current pdf catalogues of Saraband's Editions by either ensemble listing or composer are now updated with the March 2024 listings.

New Saraband editions coming. Available now are:

SM213 - Jean de Castro: Complete Two-Part Songs, Book 1. Edited and arranged for tenor and bass viols. A$40 ($4 inc GST). Spiral bound score with separate part. Text included. Click on the link and go to the bottom of the page for a sample page.

SM214 - Jean de Castro: Complete Two-Part Songs, Book 2. As above. Click on the above link to see a sample page. Same price as Book 1.

SM215 - Fabrizio Fontana: Ricercari (1677), Book 1. Arranged for TrTTB viols. Score & parts. 6 charming, slightly modal ricercari in a similar style to Frescobaldi. Scroll to the bottom of the link to find this edition. A$30 ($33 inc GST).

SM216 - More Fontana - the other 6 ricercari. Available now. This is a substantial chunk of music and fun to play on viols. A$33 ($36.30 inc GST). Click on the link for Book 1 to see the sample page.


I've updated the instruments for sale page.

Several more audio files have been added to the Viol Consorts pages and I'm now pretty much up to date. Not every entry has an audio file for one reason or another, but there are now a lot more available.

Saraband Music is now the sole Australian agent for Charlie Ogle viols. But, due to the waiting list, I can take orders but nothing will be received until late 2024.

Two lovely new baroque cello bows from Louis Begin have just arrived. 79g and 82g and based on a Dutch model owned by Phoebe Carrai.

Another new edition:

SM212 Consorts for Three: English pieces for TrTB viols by Morley, Holborne, Wilbye and others (including Tomkins, Anon, Youll and Drew). A$36 ($39.60 inc GST). Score and parts. Thirteen very nice pieces from both well-known and lesser known composers. The Drew pieces are fairly easy, the Holbornes not much harder and the others are of intermediate standard. Great for workshops, teaching and performance, or just enjoy. Click on the link above, scroll to the bottom of the page and see the sample.

More items from Corda Music have just arrived.


Instruments in stock page has been updated. I also know of two viols in NSW which are for private sale: a treble ($3000) and a bass ($4500). Please ask.

Where did time go? It was 2018 last time I looked, blissfully pre-covid and the world was a different place.

New edition available now:

SM211: Franz Tunder: Two Sacred Cantatas for bass voice, violins and b.c. Score & parts (enough for all performers). Salve coelestis Pater and O Jesu dulcissimi are two extremely nice works which should be heard more often. Figured bass and no realisation for the keyboard continuo. Click the link above to get to the sample page. A$25 ($27.50 inc GST)

Instruments in stock: 3 treble viols, 1 Lu Mi bass viol, 2 baroque violins, 2 baroque violas (one repaired and cheaper).


A new edition - some more lovely 7 part music for viols - is now ready:

SM210 - Andrea Gabrieli: 2 Concerti a7 viols, TrTrTTTBB A$30 ($33 inc GST) is now ready. Two sacred works from Concerti, il primo libro (1587) are "Domine Deus, Meus" and "Iudica me". Score and parts. Texts included for voices and viols. Click the link above and scrol to the bottom of the page for a sample page. Email to order anything.

Price lists have been updated recently to reflect the sad closure of PRB Productions and the Corda Music price rise. Also some alterations to Fuzeau facsimiles, as some are now out of print. New Saraband editions added.

In stock now: a beautiful classical violin bow and a gorgeous classical cello bow by Louis Begin. $2500 each plus post. Also plenty of baroque bows from Louis including one baroque double bass bow. Ask now!


Some string prices have gone up. This is largely due to the A$ dropping in recent weeks, as well as increased freight prices.

SM209 is now here:

Orazio Vecchi - Two Dialoghi a7 viols. TrTrT+TrTBB. Vecchi's "Dolcissima mia vita" and "Stavasi Aminta". Two secular seven part madrigals. Text included as always. Score and parts. A$20 ($22 inc. GST). Available now. To see the sample page, click the link above and scroll to the bottom of the page.

More lovely Louis Begin bows have also arrived. Please ask.

The pdf catalogues of early music from around the world have been updated. I can't check the prices of thousands of items, but I have removed PRB Productions which closed its doors on 30th June. Peter and Leslie have retired from publishing. And some other items have also been deleted.