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And yet another new edition, this time for treble viols, though violinists might also be interested.

SM194 - The Treble Viol Book, Volume 4. Music from Playford's Musick's Hand-Maid. $22 inc GST ($20 ex). Fifty five pieces of unaccompanied dances and pieces roughly graded from simple to a bit more difficult. Some great practice in shifting for treble in the last pages of the book. The music was originally written for virginals, and I've taken the melodied and edited them. A few transpositions were made, otherwise it's more or less faithful to the original. Suitable for lower intermediate, but usable by more experienced players who can do all the ornaments, and give the dances some pizaazz.

Another new edition is ready for sale!

SM193 - Cipriano da Rore: Three madrigals in five parts. Score and parts of three gorgeous madrigals. These are in their original keys, and are scored for TrTBBB viols. A lovely deep sound. A$24.20 ($22 ex GST)

More strings from Aquila and La Folia have arrived.

Also more bows from Louis Begin. These are selling fast. From May the price rises to $2000. Classical/Transitional bows from Louis will also be available soon, plus historical double bass bows. These will be $2500.

SM192 - Quirino Colombani: Sul margine d'un rio (On the banks of a river), a cantata for soprano and basso continuo, is now available. Edited by Rosalind Halton, this edition does have a realisation. It comes as a set of score with realisation, score with just figured bass and a cello/gamba part. A$22 inc GST. And it's a first edition! Available now. Sample page available. Just click the above link and scroll to the bottom of the page.

New stock from Toro has come in. And my November Kurschner order got here this month - by boat. I hope things speed up a bit soon.

A new edition has been added to the free downloads. Iste Confessor, by Jehan Titelouze, arranged for 4 bass instruments.

And on the same page you'll find two bass recorder/viol/cello solos which didn't fit into SM187 - Dance Music of Scotland. Captain Keeler (reel) and Lady Binning (strathspey) are dancing together.

Those have been joined by a little three part Terzetto by G. B. Fasolo, for TrTB viols or any combination of instruments that fits. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the new downloads.

A new vocal item is now in print. Johann Kaspar Kerll's Refulsit Sol, for 2 bass voices and continuo is in print. A$22 inc GST, A$20 ex. As with SM182 and 183, also by Kerll, you get 3 scores and a solo bass part for the cello or gamba. Available now.

And string players rejoice! Here's a new edition of the Trio Sonata in g minor by Johann Heinrich Schmelzer. Score and parts. $26.40 inc GST, $24 ex. For 2 violins, gamba and continuo. Thanks to Rosalind Halton for her help with the figured basses in this and several other recent editions.

Another viol consort is now available. Three Motets by Marc'Antonio Ingegneri, arranged for TrTTTB viols. Score and parts. Gorgeous music as always with this composer who should be better known. A$26.40 inc GST, $24 ex.

Closely followed by another book of consort music: Giovanni Battista Fasolo: Fugues and Organ Hymns, arranged for TrTrTB viols. Good meaty works, but still suitable for vegans! Intermediate to advanced. Score and parts. $38.50 inc GST ($35 ex). Scroll to the bottom of the viol consorts page for both of the above.

The pdf catalogue of viol music available has been updated. All of the catalogues need repricing, but I haven't had time to do it. Some new editions have been added and out of print items deleted.

Two more Saraband Editions are out now.

SM185 - Jehan Titelouze: Four Organ Hymns, arranged for TBBB/BBBB viols. Not too hard. Score and parts. Music by the first significant French composer for organ. Could be played on viola and 3 cellos. $22 inc GST ($20 ex)

SM186 - Johann Hentzschel: Canzon mitt 8 Viol Digamben (1649). This is a reissue of a much earlier Saraband edition that was out of print (PD5). It has now been retypeset in Sibelius, and parts are on A3 so no page turns. Can be played on 8 bass viols (Bass 8 needs to be a 7 string or a violone), or 3 tenor viols and 8 bass viols. Can also be played on 3 violas, 4 cellos and 1 double bass (reading at pitch). Score and parts. $26.40 inc GST ($24 ex)

Scroll to the bottom of the Viol consorts page when you've clicked on the above links.

SM187 - Dance Music of Scotland, arranged for bass recorder or bass viol is now out. $27.50 inc GST ($25 without). The first 60 dances from John Thomas Surenne's 1841 collection of 245 reels and strathspeys. Intermediate level.

A 6 string bass viol from China has landed. It needs setting up but will be for sale next month.

More bows from Louis Begin have arrived and another two will come in late December or early January. Depends when flights happen and how long Customs takes.

The Instruments for sale page has been updated with 2 baroque violins and 2 viols, a treble and a tenor. A new bass viol will be arriving soon at Saraband.

One of the baroque violins now has a buyer.

SM181 - Seven Madrigals for Low instruments - TBBB/BBBB viols is available now. Sample page and audio is up, so click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the page.

And another edition has just made it:

SM182 - Johann Kaspar Kerll: O quam suavis, for 2 sopranos and basso continuo. The figured bass is unrealised. This edition comes as a working set of 3 scores and a single continuo part for cello or bass viol. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the sample.

Closely followed by SM183, O amor Jesu by Kerll, for 2 sopranos and b.c., which has some gorgeous harmonies. Same format as SM182.

And now for my next trick ... SM184 - Two sonatas for strings and continuo by Johann Rosenmuller. Two gorgeous sonatas for 2 violins, viola, cello and harpsichord. Score and parts. $36 ($39.60 inc GST)

And ... Rosalind Halton is promising some more Colombani cantatas.

The alto clef page has been updated with the listing of Saraband's most recent editions. Tenor viol or viola players can now find all the Saraband Music editions for solo or duo alto clef specialists!

More Louis Begin bows have arrived.

Another new Saraband edition is ready:

SM180 - 18th Century French Duets for Treble viols/Violins  A$24 ex GST

2 scores. Music by Blavet, Boismortier, Chedeville, Corrette and Naudot. 23 pieces in all, transposed into the violin range up to 3rd position. That means a little shifting in a few places for treble viols, but nothing extreme! Not graded, but a mixture of easy and more difficult pieces. Get your copy now!!

There's also a viola version of the same - SM180a. Same price.

And another ...

SM181 - Seven Madrigals for low instruments - TBBB/BBBB viols. Pieces by da Rore, Arcadelt, Ingegneri, Janequin, Josquin, Willaert and Caimo. Texts included. Score and parts. Available now. Sample page up now.

The pdf publisher catalogues have been reloaded with a few additions and subtractions.

The Baroque Violin and Viola: A fifty lesson course is Walter Reiter's new book published by OUP. It's now in stock. 2 volumes at $53 each plus post. It's an awful lot of book, so parcel rate.

Pearls, Arioso Chamber Ensemble's debut CD is in stock at $24. Order now!

SM179 is now finished. Jacques-Christoph Naudot: Six Babioles, op. 10. Original edition is in high range, for 2 equal instruments. Hurdy gurdy, flute, oboe, violin or pardessus de viole. Click here and go to the bottom of the page for a sample and description.

There are also 3 variants: SM179a is transposed down a 4th for 2 treble viols, violins or descant recorders. SM179b is in alto clef, down an octave and for 2 violas or tenor viols. SM179c is in bass clef for 2 cellos or bass viols.

You can play with high and low instrument using SM179 and SM179b, or SM179a and 179c. How's that?

Audio has now been added to most of the new publications from SM166 onwards. In a couple of cases, I wasn't able to, but they're mostly there on the Ensemble, Viol solo, Viol duo and Viol consort pages.

SM179 coming soon. It's duets by Naudot.

New in stock: Leatherwood's new ecoRosin. Cakes are in stock for violin, viola and cello. $44 ($40 ex GST). 100% biodegradable, all vegan recipe. Cardboard boxes, linen cloth, all designed to protect the planet.

I'm looking forward to taking part in the VdGSA Conclave this year. I have a vendor session Thursday evening US time (Friday 8.45am AEST). I will be showing everyone all my new editions from the last 12 months.

New Saraband Editions, just finished ...

SM177 - Marc'Antonio Ingegneri: Eight Madrigals, arranged for TrTTB viols $33 ($30 ex GST). Score & parts. Available now.

SM178 - Ward/Gill: Two In Nomines a5 viols TrTrTTB. $26.40 ($24 ex GST) Score & parts. Available now.

Sample pages and descriptions are now available.

New Saraband Editions pdf catalogue here.

The pdf catalogues of many different publishers have been edited, though it's impossible to keep up with prices, so please take them as indicative only. I've removed a few publishers I no longer deal with, and I've added some new editions. You can find them here.

Bows are selling and more are on their way. Louis has a giant order for an orchestra in Europe so I won't have any more of his bows until August at the earliest.

Where does time go?

Three new editions from Saraband Music.

SM174 - Antoine Dornel: Pieces, arranged for pardessus/treble viol/violin and bass viol. These are from the first three suites in his Pieces de Clavecin, and will suit upper intermediate to advanced players. $24 ($26.40 with GST)

SM175 - The Treble Viol Book, Vol. 3 - Music of Jeremiah Clarke. Unaccompanied treble solos, and the book is very roughly graded in that you'll find most of the easy pieces at the front and most of the harder ones at the back. $20 ($22)

SM176 - John Farmer: Four Madrigals (1599) arranged for TrTrTB viols. Score and parts. Some very nice music. Full texts provided, with the original spelling in the score and parts. You can do this with all viols, voices and viols, or string quartet if you can't source some viols. $20 ($22)


Sample pages will appear soon.

The ordering page has been updated again with new information.

I now have plenty of bass viol bows, having four from Louis, and two now from David van Edwards. And bows for other stringed instruments of course. Please ask.

Unfortunately, due to the death of Albert Reyermann last December, I can no longer stock Tree Edition. However, he very generously made his scores freely available via the Lute Society so all is not lost. I only have 2-3 Tree items left in stock now and have deleted them from my catalogues which will be reposted soon.

I have updated the Ordering page.


More Louis Begin bows have arrived. I currently have 2 baroque violin, 1 baroque viola, 1 tenor viol and 1 bass viol bow in stock. Baroque cello bows are coming.

Some new editions are available:

SM169 - The Bass Recorder Book, Vol. 6. Music of Guillaume de Machaut. Over 30 virelais, rondeaux, ballades and one lai to finish off with, arranged for bass recorder. A$24 ($26.40 inc GST). These will also suit bass viol, as do all of the bass recorder books. Go to the bottom of the Recorder editions page for a sample.

SM170 - Songs and dances from the Middle Ages, arranged for solo tenor viol. Also fits the range of the viola. Thirty-four vocal and instrumental pieces, including our friend Anon, some estampies and saltarelli, and songs by trouveres, minnesingers, Dufay, Binchois and Machaut. A$20 ($22). Click on the viol solos for Sample page - scroll to the bottom.

SM171 - Quirino Colombani - Dimmi, ingrato Mirtillo. Cantata with cello obbligato, edited by Rosalind Halton. First edition, urtext. Soprano, cello and basso continuo. Score & parts. A$18 ($19.80)

SM172 - Quirino Colombani - Fra le Rose. Cantata with violin and cello obbligato, edited by Rosalind Halton. Details as for SM171. Score & parts. A$20 ($22) Click on the Vocal page for sample pages of 171 and 172.

SM173 - Johann Josef Fux - Sonata a3 Bass Viols. Transposed down a 10th from the original which was for 3 violins, this is a lovely multi-movement baroque sonata. Now in D major, and sitting nicely in the bass viol's range. Score & parts. A$20 ($22) More info and sample here. Scroll to the bottom.


Also here are two fabulous violin bows modelled on Hill 19 (Ashmolean Museum) from Louis Begin in Canada. More bows are on the way. Customers so far have loved them.

Plenty of strings in stock, though lockdown is affecting supply from some string makers. If you can be flexible with brands and gauges, I can supply most needs.

Some Aquila red strings are now in stock. Not all, and only top strings for spares. More will arrive in time. It can take months to build up full stock, and although these are from one of my regular suppliers, it's like taking on a new brand in terms of scale.

Please note that I'm unable to order music from some European suppliers right now, including Tree Edition, Ut Orpheus and others due to the virus.