Viola & Tenor Viol

Saraband Music has made a speciality of music for alto clef instruments. While some music written for tenor viol fits the range of the viola perfectly, this is not always the case. The tenor viol range extends to the G below the viola's bottom string.

This page is a special listing of works published by Saraband Music for alto clef instruments. Please note: prices on this page do not include Australian GST.

There is a wealth of viol consort music on this site which may also fit most instruments of the violin family.

More details and sample pages for all of these and other publications will be found on the viol solo, viol duo and bowed strings pages.


SM3a: Thomas Baltzar - Airs for Solo Violin, arranged for viola $10

SM106 & 107: C-N. Roget - 6 Sonatas, op. 1 arranged for 2 violas. 2 vols $24 each

SM117a: Michel Corrette - Sonatas and pieces for 2 violas $20

SM128: Thirteen Renaissance Viola Trios $30

SM159a: Original Scotch-Tunes for Violin, arranged for viola $20

SM180a: 18th century French duets for 2 violas $24

Tenor Viol or Viola:

SM30: J. P. de Monteclair - Premier Concert, arr. for 2 tenor viols/violas $30

SM78: R. de Visee - Two Suites, arr for viola/tenor viol & keyboard $24

SM79: R. de Visee - Two Suites, arr for viola/tenor viol & keyboard $24

SM82: R. de Visee - Two Suites, arr for viola/tenor viol & keyboard $24

SM87: M. Marais - Airs from Semele, arr. for viola/tenor viol & keyboard $24

SM93b: Duets for tenor viols or violas: The European Renaissance $24

SM133: Playford for Viola or Tenor Viol $18

SM141b: de Fesch - 6 Sonatas, op. 9, arranged for 2 tenor viols or violas $30

SM156: Easy duets for tenor & bass viols (or viola & cello) $24

SM157: Intermediate duets for tenor & bass viols (or viola & cello) $24

SM170: Songs and Dances from the Middle Ages arranged for tenor viol $22 (works for viola as well, but it's just not in the title)

SM179b: Naudot - 6 Babioles, op. 10 arranged for 2 violas or 2 tenor viols $36.36

Tenor Viol:

SM1, 2, 7, 54 - Duets for Tenor Viols $various

SM6a - Tobias Hume: Captain Hume's Musicall Humors, arr. for tenor viol $20

SM15 - The Tenor Viol Book. A compendium of music for solo tenor viol, both accompanied and unaccompanied. Keyboard accompaniment included. $25

SM39 - Duets for treble and tenor viols $20

SM55 - 25 Irish songs and tunes for tenor viol $20

SM58 - Anon: 5 Popular Divisions from The Division Flute, arr. for tenor or bass viol $14

SM60 - 25 Scottish songs and tunes for tenor viol $20

SM62 - J.B. de Boismortier: 3 Sonatas from op. 66, nos 2, 5 & 7 arr. for 2 tenor viols $23

SM71 - Orlando di Lasso: Motetti & Ricercari, arr. for 2 tenor viols $30

SM75b - J.S. Bach: Partita, BWV1013, arr. for tenor viol $10

SM77 - Thomas Morley: 9 Fantasias for 2 viols (includes some for tenor viols) $24

SM81 - Selections from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book for tenor viol & keyboard $28

SM99 - Italian Duets for Treble & Tenor viols $24

SM100 - Michael East: 8 Duos for two tenor viols $24

SM127 - 9 Trios for Tenor viols $30


Please note: prices do not include Australian GST. Australian residents please add 10%