Seven Part Viol Consorts

Saraband Music has published several books of seven part consorts. As these are not very common in the repertoire, a list has been provided here. This category will gradually expand. See also the listing with sample pages.

SM86 Heinrich Schutz: Motet - Ich weiss, das mein Erloser lebt for TrTrTrTTBB viols

SM119 Henry Purcell: The Complete Consort Music. Includes the 7 part In Nomine.

SM205 Consorts a7 Viols, Vol. 1 - Music by Morley, Tunder, Lassus and Le Maistre for TrTrTrTTBB viols

SM206 Consorts a7 Viols, Vol. 2 - Music by Cotes & Le Jeune for TrTrTrTTBB viols

SM207 Robert Parsons: Two In Nomines a7 Viols. TrTrTBBBB

SM208 Andrea Gabrieli: Two Dialoghi a7 viols. TrTrT+TrTBBB

SM209 Orazio Vecchi: Two Dialoghi a7 viols. TrTrT+TrTBBB

SM210 Andrea Gabrieli: Two Concerti a7 viols. TrTrTTTBB

SM217 Andrea Gabrieli: Dunque sia vero, e, Dunque il consenti. Two Concerti a7 viols. TrTrTTBBB.

More to come ...

SM185 is an 8 part piece by Hentzschel for bass instruments!